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PRoPoRTIoNS is basically a five-piece band, but we tend to invite guests to make the music develop more than what we can achieve within just five people.

The Band:

Andy Kubicki: Producer, Mixing, Orchestration, Bass & Keyboards.

Tomas Stark: Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars.

Glenn Liljeblad: Acoustic & Electric Guitars.

Lennart Ståhle: Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Flute. Homepage

Denis Boucher: Mastering, Drums & Percussion. Homepage


Alex Kubicki: our CD cover artist. Homepage

Baba Elefante: Bass.

Richard Sheehy: Guitars.

Robert Bennett: Cello.

Jeremy Cubert: Chapman Stick & Synthesizer.

John Eyre: Vocals.

Pierre Bordeleau: Vocals.

Stefan Kubicki: Electric Guitar.

Richard Sheehy: Electric Guitar.

Dayron Luis San Juan Muguercia: Congas.